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I RECOMMEND GOING HERE FOR ANY SERVICE NEEDED!! I was having a check engine light that kept coming on and could not figure out why or what was wrong. After having several places pull codes for me and suggested what to do to fix the problem which I was told was my transmission and I would need to have a transmission replaced in order for the light to go off and the issues to stop which I did not see how my transmission was bad. It was not slipping or shifting hard and being female I felt maybe I was being taken advantage of so I called around and another friend recommended Aamco on Fairview. I called and spoke with Blake who was very helpful and told me to bring it in so they could run the codes and give me a proper diagnoses and estimate so we could go from there and see what to do next on fixing the issues. After dropping off my car to them, they got right on it and was very honest to me when they called me with a diagnoses, it was not my full transmission and it did not need to be replaced but just a sensor malfunction, but the transmission was also low on fluid as well and I would need to replace the sensor. I was shocked at how honest they were since all the other places were not and they were not out to take advantage of me or to get money that really did not need to be spent. They fixed my car issues and in a timely manner of when they said it would be done or how long it would take. When picking up my car, I paid for what they did and no hidden fees added, great pricing. I also was impressed at how Blake would call and give updates to me about my vehicle and where they are at in the fixing process. I will recommend them to all my family and friends and from now on take my vehicles to them for any repairs. THANK YOU AAMCO AND ALL STAFF AT THE FAIRVIEW LOCATION.